Best Ways to Conceal Huge Air Conditioning Unit in your Yard

Massive air conditioning systems can quickly become a major eyesore in your backyard’s aesthetic view. The same bulky, boxy piece of equipment that helps in cooling your house can be an eyesore in your yard. However, do not sweat, as there are many ways of hiding, masking, concealing and blocking your air conditioning system so one would not even realize that it exists.

First, take note of how your air conditioner unit works and what keeps it effective and efficient. An air conditioner system needs adequate space to breathe. Since it works hard to make the inside of your home cool, it has to vent a lot of generated heat. As such, this is why the metallic housing of the air conditioning systems are perforated. Consider this in mind when adding any obstruction or cover near your unit. Just to be safe, read the manufacturer’s recommended space for any enclosure.

When designing your new home, or retrofitting for a new unit, remember that an efficient air conditioner is one that does not have to work extra hard. One of the ways of ensuring this is by using energy-efficient methods of home design that can minimize your reliance on air conditioning while retaining as much fresh air inside your home as possible.

The other way to develop an efficient system is to make sure that your system is located in a cool, shady location for work. Put it somewhere inside the house with the most protection from the sunlight, so that it does not overheat. Doing this keeps it running more efficiently and can help avoid malfunctioning and noises associated with overheating.

Tips for reducing visual impact:

Redesign Your Backyard

If you are considering a makeover for your garden, this is an excellent opportunity to design a unit of utility surfaces closed off from public view. In this instance, a small courtyard in Boston has been adjusted for some garden storage solutions, as well as utility closet that stores the air conditioner system. With the room disguised cleverly as part of the courtyard boundary fence, the rest of the exterior area is open and ready for visitors.

Fence It

One standard approach hides the air conditioner from the public eye. For ideas on walls and screens that could be ideal for your garden, take points from already existing elements in your garden to maintain an integrated view.

Award Screens and Gates

Another idea is to collect your outdoor equipment into one accessible, yet well-ventilated room. Taking it one-step further, you can even construct a full-height machinery shed that is capable of housing your system; any pumps you have for your backyard and whatever garden equipment you need to store for future use.

Direct the View

Expert landscape designers would tell you that the key to a fantastic garden, even one that has a large air conditioner in the corner, is to guide the eye towards a beautifully framed view.

Construct a Dedicated Structure

Maintaining the space for ventilation, consider designing a dedicated structure to offer shelter to a machine that may not be situated on the best spot. Depending on your backyard’s needs, this can be integrated with a place to store the hose, lawnmower, pool care supplies or other material.

Add Vegetation and Structural Screens

A custom case or integrated patio furniture can be a little expensive for some homeowners. Therefore, a plant screen is a great alternative when it comes to the budget. You could even integrate the screens with your vegetable garden to allow climbing crops like beans, to grow in a vertical manner.